Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grace by Shelly Shepard Gray

Brenneman Bed and Breakfast is family owned. Their family is finally going to be together again for the holidays. They are looking forward to some family time with no guests for the holidays when a reservation arrives late showing they have a guest arriving today!

Levi is trying to get away for the holidays looking forward to time away from family and prying eyes that know his past. He wants to blend in with the guests of the bed and breakfast where he can be alone.

As Levi's taxi arrives at the B&B another unexpected guest, Melody, arrives as well. Not only does she show with a past that she is running from, she passes out at their door pregnant!

The Brennamen family has to welcome and include two unexpected guests for their holiday season. While Levi and Melody had both planned to run away they are the only two guests and are brought in to join the Brennamen family traditions. They had no idea what they were in for.

This story is really cute. It's my 2nd holiday book to read, since I've never really read Christmas stories for the Christmas season. But this one actually made me enjoy the idea and I ordered more Christmas books to read! I think from now on I will dedicate my Decembers to a few holiday books each year! Enjoy!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman

I just finished this book last night...Was such a great book to read. Made me laugh and cry both at the same time. Very touching.

This is a story about Mary Beth Chapman and Steven Curtis Chapman. It's a story of how they met, the struggles of first being married, her as a mother, fighting depression, challenges of juggling life, how they came to adopt 3 beautiful girls from China and then loosing one of them when their son accidentally hit her with the car at their home. The fear for their son and how they have struggled to get through their loss.
Mary Beth is so very honest in this book. She is so encouraging, that even in the hard times, times of loss or struggles, even just being a mom that she still has hope or prays; "I believe, help my unbelief".
She adds songs in the book that go along with their life. Many of the songs we have all heard on the radio but have a different meaning as you read about their lives. From first being together, from raising kids, to his "Beauty Will Rise" CD, which is the struggles of loosing his daughter.
I highly recommend this book. I'm usually not a non-fiction type of reader but this book is worth the read!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Their First Neol by Annie Jones

This story is very cute. My local book club decided on this read for the month of November to get in the groove of Christmas!

This story was really cute. I always think of these types of books like a Hallmark movie! I could totally see all the parts and see it on the t.v. playing out.

Andy McFarland is working on restoring the local holiday inn that he now own in Mt. Piney, Vermont. He is getting close to his deal line to open for Christmas as a tribute to their annual Christmas tradition before a fire had destroyed part of the inn. One snowy night Corrie Bennington walks through their inn, before their scheduled opening day.

Corrie is in town to make a ginger bread for St. Pineys annual ginger break contest. But her motives for being there are not all about ginger breads, she is trying to find her father, a man that her mother has never spoken about. All Corrie has is his name and where her parents met; the Mt. Piney Inn.

Andy is all business, scheduled and a planner. Corrie is none of these. She walks into Andy's life and he discovers he will never be the same! Will Corrie find her? Will Andy be able to let Corrie into his life?

I recommend this read for Christmas time, it's a cute story and an easy read.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Like Dandelion Dust book vs. movie

After having read the book and then being so excited to see the movie I was surprised it is so different from the book.

In the book Molly's relationship with her sister is way more believable. They are very close which makes the idea for them to go on the trip to Haiti more believable rather than in the movie Molly and her sister have tension because of Molly's beliefs. In the book Molly and her husband, Jake are united all the way. In the movie they fight over each step they take with their son Joey. Jack is always easy going but in the movie he even yells at the social worker and friends to help them. Even Joeys visit with this biological parents is better than in the book, which makes you almost sway your hear to feel bad for them. In the book you can't stand the biological dad from the beginning. The differences are so obvious it's hard to get over them.

Because the story is hard, it is sad to watch, even with the differences. Had I not read the book I may have loved the movie. But because I read the book the movie wasn't all what I expected it to be. I am disappointed. But I'm sure it is still great for those that haven't read the book. And if you don't like to read I would recommend to do so!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Like Dandelion Dust

by: Karen Kingsbury

This book is an incredible book! Like Dandelion Dust is a very emotional and touching story.

A couple, Wendy and Rip Porter, had a child. Rip went to prison for domestic violence when Wendy found out she was pregnant. She hid her pregnancy from Rip and when the child was born she forged her husbands signature to put the child up for adoption. Now 4 years later Rip is getting out of prison and Wendy tells him about their son that she gave up. Rip wants him back. He's a changed man, found religion and has worked through his anger. Maybe he is a changed man and they can be the family Wendy always wanted to be.

Molly and Jack Campbell adopted their son, Joey 4 years ago. Now Molly's sister Beth and her family have moved to the same town, something they always dreamed of. They have a dog, Gus. Her husband has had great sucess in business, they are lacking nothing...or so they think. Along with Beth and her family has come her new found faith in God. Something that Molly and Jack are not in need of...until now.

When the social worker that had worked on their adoption case calls to tell them that the signature for the adoption papers were forged and now their adoption is nullified. The biological father never knew about their son and now the parents want their son back, Molly and Jacks world is shifted. What will they do to keep their son? Will they turn to God? This story is about two mothers and their love for their son. Who will pay the ultimate sacrifice?

I LOVED this story. The first half is building up to the second half of the book. Half way through the book I was bawling like a baby and at the end of the book I was as well. I think this story is a MUST read! I found out it is a movie as well, which is on the way from Netflix right now! I can't wait to watch it!