Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Secret Life of Copernicus Stringfellow

This story wasn't what I expected. I had not heard of this book before I was asked to read and was willing to give it a try.

The main character was quite interesting. Super smart, rich and giving. The beginning had me intrigued to find out what Nick or Copernicus Stringfellow was all about. I felt, as the reader, I was in the dark for much of the beginning until one of the characters in the book digs into Nick's past. I kept waiting for there to be a reason behind why Nick's character had the "superhero" powers he did. There was mention of God but no real reason behind it. You never find out if Nick believes in God or not. Nick is a very giving but a mysterious character. Mysterious in that you never truly discover his purpose other than that he does good.

Nicks relationship with some of the characters seem to jump time. There are pieces missing in the growth of relationships that make you wonder how much time lapse there was between events.

I wasn't a fan of all the descriptive parts of some of the storyline. There was so much detail on what was happening in the human body that there were paragraphs that I would skim over because I didn't know medical jargon. There were many large words used through out the book that I found myself using my kindle dictionary quite a bit.

My favorite part in the book was the banter during the car chase between Nick and another character. But then was disappointed in the decision that Nick made with the perpetrator they were chasing after. Another point to wonder if the character believed in God or not. I am not sure this book was written as a Christian fiction as I have not found any classification thus far. But I do think that this book does target more of a young adult age group because of the type of fantasy written.

With all this said I do think there is potential. The end of the book does lead to believe that there may be more stories to come and adventures to follow. Maybe if more books do proceed, more holes will be filled that add to the depth of the story that I feel are still missing. And a series will create a bigger character as you read about Nick's adventures.

I was given a free copy of this book from the author to write a review about this book. I posted this same review on I was very excited to be able to do this! It's awesome to hear from authors since I would love to be one! :)

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