Monday, May 23, 2011

The Priest's Graveyard

by: Ted Dekker

This books starts with a story...

Danny grew up in Bosnia but when his family is killed he takes on a new calling for his life, to rid the world of those in the world that deserve judgement.

Renee is a junkie from the street, running to survive being killed by the man that is after her, Jonathan Bourque. When she is "rescued" by a man named Lamont.

A year later Danny, now a Priest and Renee, who is no longer a junkie, cross path's in unexpected events. They soon discover that they share the same goal, to rid the world of injustice. The road they take takes them down a long path of secrets that soon takes a turn into Renee's past. Renee is faced with a choice, will she choose Judgement or Grace and Love?

I'm surprised at the last few books that Ted Dekker has written. I have read all of Ted Dekker's books and have only come across a few that were not my favorite. He quickly became one of my favorite authors. But the last two I've read; Emanuel's Vein and this book, it's not that they aren't my favorite, I really don't like them! I'm not sure if Ted Dekker has is changing his style of writing or trying out new ideas.

It always amazes me how fast he writes his books and I'm sure I will read his next book in hopes that I might like it as much as I have most of his books in the past. But for this book, The Priest's Graveyard, I'm sorry to say, I wouldn't recommend this book to read.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vicious Cycle

by Terri Blackstock

I had no idea you were able to order books from other cities through the library system. If I remember right, this book came from San Diego. I was pretty excited though, since it really is one of very few in CA to request!

I read The Intervention and then was so sad when I couldn't find the 2nd book, Vicious Cycle. The Intervention can be found under my book reviews for April. The back ground story of The Intervention is about Barbara's daughter, Emily. Barbara has an interventionist come to take Emily to a rehab center because her life is spiraling out of control on drugs. But when Emily's interventionist is found dead and she has gone missing, her mother, Barbara, does everything in her power to find her.

Vicious Cycle picks up the story a year after The Intervention ends. Emily is about to graduate from her year in rehab when one of the pregnant fifteen year old girls, Jordan, from her rehab center runs back home. When Jordan gives birth, things get crazy. This time Emily's brother, Lance is caught up in it. Jail, kidnapping and drugs. When will the vicious cycle end?

Terri Blackstock has officially become one of my top favorite authors. I truly enjoy reading her books. This two book series is a must read.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Kindle vs. Nook Color

Recently I had a chance to play with a Amazon Kindle and a Nook Color. I had never gotten to see either of them before and wished I had someone else's opinion to bounce ideas off of. I thought I'd write a blog about both of them.

The Amazon Kindle...

This is a great product for those that are looking strictly to read. The Kindle that I was able to check out was not a 3G, so it did not have the ability to go online. I'm not sure what ability the Kindle does have with 3G.

With the device that does not go on line you are only able to go on the Amazon listing to pick out a book to download. This device is strictly black and white and everything you do reads as a book. It is sleek, interesting screen, very easy on the eyes.

If you are looking to read a book this is for you. No bells and whistles, no color. Just strictly reading.

The bummer for me is that I read so much. When I was looking up books that I would enjoy reading they were typically between $9.99 and $15. For those that read about a book a month it would be perfect but for me I couldn't afford to keep up my habit. I read a book a week, on average. At $9.99 a book, that would be pretty pricy. I also use the library for all my reading which allows me to get those same books for free and then turn them back in. Though the library is heading toward e-books and has a few in stock, non of the e-books are ones I would like to read. And they are no where near for a Kindle all the time, that is still quite a few years away. So...for me this device is a pass.

Barnes and Nobles Nook Color...

I was able to play around with a nook color. NOT just a nook but the nook COLOR. This thing is AWESOME. Though the downfall is that it is a little more expensive than a Kindle, you are getting more than the Kindle offers.

The device is in color for one which makes it nicer to look at. It has a big screen to surf the internet with Wi-fi and touch screen, which I always like. When connected to the internet it looks just like the internet when you are on a computer. My favorite thing about being online was that you are able to watch t.v. online! LOVE that!

Another of my favorite features is their children's books. You have the option to read the book on your own or they are narrated while you listen to the story. Some of the books are interactive so the characters move or they have other activities.

The Nook Color also offers apps, yes apps! Though not many. There are a few games and children's activities including; Drawing Pad, Uno, Pandora (online radio) and Pulse (up to date news and sites that you add). Great to use on a larger screen.

Now at this point I have to say that my dream would be to own an ipad! So of course I gravitate to the Nook Color. But the one thing that the Nook Color is lacking is the lack of apps. If Barnes and Nobles would allow the nook to download Android games being that it is an Android product it would be an even better product. But like the Kindle, the Nook Color is an e-reader with more bells and whistles.

Between the two, strictly based on e-readers the Nook Color wins, hands down.

Here is my disclaimer...

If you are like me looking for apps rather than an e-reader you may be hoping for the Kindle and Nook Color to do more than they are built to do. You might be better getting something like the itouch, which is based on apps which includes a Kindle and Nook app to download if you wanted to get a children's book or a book for yourself once in a while. The only bummer about the itouch is your giving up the bigger screen that a Nook Color has but it is not a device built around e-reading. And it's much better price than an ipad!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

True Devotion

by: Dee Henderson

Kelly was married to Nick, who was was a SEAL. On a mission things went terribly wrong and and Nick was killed and his best friend from the platoon, Joe, was shot in the arm. Both Kelly and Joe are left to recover from the loss. The book starts three years after Nicks death with Kelly and Joe as really close friends who actually start to wonder if they are becoming more than friends.

Joe is still in active duty as a SEAL and has kept the details of Nicks death a secret from Kelly, as is SEALS duty. But he has always tried to hunt down the man responsible, Raider.

After three years of no activity from Raider he is back in the spot light stealing weapons that could create a war. Joe is determined to find Raider and has no idea how close he and Kelly really are to him.

I really like this book. I had a hard start with the military lingo but once past the first few chapters I got into the story line between Joe and Kelly and what will happen to them with Raider involved! I recommend this book.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Evidence of Mercy

by: Terri Blackstock

Once again, I LOVE Terri Blackstocks books! I as so glad that I have so many more books of hers to read!

Evidence of Mercy is the first book in her Sun Coast Chronicles. Lynda is a lawyer who is trying to get out of debt left behind by her father. She is looking to sell her plane and Jake, a very handsome but self absorbed man, who is looking to buy. When they take the plane up for a test flight they had no idea that the night before someone had cut the line for the landing gear and they would have a very hard landing. Lynda is left bruised and Jake is left paralysed. Lynda has her faith and Jake is left to find who he is.

Before the crash, Lynda took on a pro bono case for a battered woman trying to leave her abusive husband with her daughter. Before the crash Lynda's only friend was her job. After the crash she has a mother, daughter and Jake, from the crash, living with her. All the while someone is out to kill her putting all of them in danger.

This book was a great read. I figured out who Lynda's attacker was and Terri Blackstock reveals who it is early on but it is worth reading to find out what happens!