Tuesday, July 10, 2012

From Ashes To Honor by Loree Lough

I haven't been reading much lately. I have so many free kindle books on my daughters Kindle Fire so I picked one and went with it.

From Ashes to Honor is more post 9/11 rather than pre or during 9/11. Austin has regrets from that day and has been dealing with trying to heal from them ever since. Years later someone from his past enters his life again and together they try to start over. But there are many factors that lay in their way.

I didn't want to spoil the book by adding too many details, though you can find out more details when you look up the book on Amazon!

I like this book for the most part, it just isn't one that will stick out as one of my favorites. I did find about 5 times where there were grammatical errors, which surprised me. Especially knowing that there is a 2nd book in this series. I would think that wouldn't happen. Knowing there was a 2nd book  helped at the end of the story as well. You know there is more to come. It's a be continued type of ending rather than a conclusion.

One of the major part of the story was that Austin deals with a relationship where she does not believe in God. The book spends lots of time on him deciding what to do. You want her to see the miracles God is doing around her but she never does. I guess I need to read the second book to find out what happens. Especially now that I've invested time into the characters.

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