Monday, February 11, 2013

Halfway to Forever by Karen Kingsbury

This is the 3rd and last book in Karen Kingsbury Forever Faithful series.

This book brings back the characters from book one as well as book two and picks up a few years down the road from where the other books leave off.

Each family is florishing and half way to forever when their lives are all turned upside down! They never saw the struggles they were about to endure coming and their faith is tested!

I don't want to tell many details so that those that have not read book one and book two will not have a spoiler!

This book took me a little longer, I was busy with other events in my life and this one was a little harder for me to be sucked into. I did like the story but have to say that the first two books in the series were my favorite. I do recommend any Karen Kingsbury lover to read this series as usual she is a great writer!


  1. I can hardly believe that I still have not read a Karen Kingsbury book. I just added the first book in this series to my TBR. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    -Gilded Grace

    1. Wow!!! She is a GREAT author...must read!!! You gotta be sure to start at the beginning with the Baxter series. Though this book is part of another 3 book series. The Baxter series is just amazing and there are 3 different series following different family members! SO good!!!