Monday, October 21, 2013

Summer; Sunrise Series #2 by Karen Kingsbury

SPOILER - If you have not read the Baxtor series, The Fame series or the first book in the Sunrise series this review will give away a few of the things that you may have missed. I recommend you go back to the beginning and read from book 1! A great series when read all in order.

Summer is the 2nd book in the Sunrise series following Kate and Dayne's life. After they got married in the first book, Sunrise, they are now starting their lives off together. A new opportunity to star in a movie together seems like the perfect way to start. Not only do they commit to the move but they also commit to a reality show to try to give the paparazzi what they want. A glimpse into their lives.

They had no idea what they were in for. Life is not what they thought it would be. Things are not looking good!

The Flanigan's say good-bye to Cody and Bailey is having a hard time. And John Baxter is starting to have deeper feelings for Elaine. While his two daughters; Ashley and Kari are both pregnant. They are excited for the new additions when terrible news hits one of the daughters and will change their pregnancy forever.

Another great book in a great series. Must reads!

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