Tuesday, February 8, 2011


by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker

I read House a few years ago and at the time did not like it at all. I had read all of Frank Peretti's books and this was one I found I had not read. Yet, it was also the first book that I had ever read of Ted Dekker's.

If you have not read a book by either of these authors before House, I would recommend to not read House first. You should read books by each of the authors separately to get a feel for who they are as an individual writers. With that said these are two of my favorite authors. I went on to read all of Ted Dekkers books in the last year after reading House.

I would start with Ted Dekker's Circle Trilogy or Thr3e, which are a few of my favorites. For Frank Peretti, I would start with This Present Darkness or Piercing the Darkness.

Back to House...House is all about the house of our lives. Our sins. But it is written in a crazy, deadly twist. Two couples enter a house and are trying to escape with their lives. It takes until the last chapter to see the true meaning of the book.

Now reading it a second time through, years later, I am glad that I read it again. I understand it this time around. While reading you have to pay attention to details and descriptions given by the author or you have to look back to figure it out again (I did many times) but hang in there. It isn't my favorite book by either author but I will always read any books written by them.

This book is not for everyone but give it a try!

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