Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Healer

by: Dee Henderson

This is book six in a series of seven. I started reading the series a while back (along with many other books in between) recognizing it from years ago when a friend had recommended them. I had gotten into a few other series so I thought I would give it a try.

The series is about the O'Malley family. They are seven orphans that lived in the same children home and had become close. When they all grew up they changed their last name to O'Malley and became their own family.

The siblings all have some type of high profile type of job, U.S. Marshall, fireman, hostage negotiator, forensic pathologist and this book is about Rachel, who is a trama physiologist.

I have really enjoyed this series and enjoyed many of the books in this series but have to say that The Healer was not my favorite book in the series. The story line seems a little slower than in most of the books. I think I have gotten used to how this author writes and she uses the same type of wording quite a bit in her books. I could predict the direction she would take in different moments in the storyline.

With that said; this book does give the most background on how the O'Malley Family started, which I did like. About half way through the book is when it really starts to pick up. You know there was a homicide that occurred during a flood in the prologue of the book, so you are reading, waiting for the details to come out. She does add in twists you don't expect and at the end I was crying.

Even though it wasn't my favorite book in the series, it is part of the series, so an important book to read. You get to know one more sibling and add to the O'Malley history. I don't like reading books in a series out of order or by themselves. Missing one book is like missing part of the story line.

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