Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lost December by Richard Paul Evans

Lost December is a novel version of the prodigal son.

Luke Crisp grew up under his father, the CEO and co-founder of Crisp Copy Centers. One day his father suggests that he go to get his M.B.A., see another side of the world, away from Crisp Copy, where he grew up. Then he won't have any regrets and can decide if he will one day want to take over the company. Luke isn't thrilled with the idea but decides he will go ahead on a new adventure.

As the years go by Luke gets involved in the Whantan 7 (a name their group of friends gave themselves). Luke does things he would never have done before, he becomes very distant from his father and when graduation comes, there is a tragedy which makes Luke decide to go home and tell his father he has decided to not take over the business. In fact he is going to take his money and with his friends travel through Europe.

His friends quickly rely on Luke for money to support their lavish living, fine dining, exquisite hotels and gambling. When one day the money runs out. You can imagine what happens next.

I rated this book a 3 star. It's not the intense reading that I'm used to but the storyline is good. Since it is the prodigal son, we all know the story. But being that it's a modern day story, it definitely relates to today and how we think things would make us happy today. This story teaches us to be thankful.

Throughout the book, Luke has different lines from his journal. One was; if you have something to eat, a roof overhead and clean water, you should be most grateful-you number among the world's most blessed! So true!

Another thing I learned was that prodigal really doesn't mean "lost" or "wayward". Prodigal is not referring to the son, it refers to the father. The prodigal son. Read the book and see what I mean!!!

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