Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Living A Life of Fire by Reinhard Bonnke

Must, must read. I have to say I'm not typically a non-fiction reader. I can probably count on both hands how many non-fiction books I have read, ever! Compared to my 100 or so fiction books I have read, it's a big difference. The story has to be compelling enough for me to want to pick it up and engaging to keep me reading.

This book is a huge undertaking, 630 page. It may take you awhile but it's well worth the read!

I had the privilege to hear Reinhard Bonnke speak a few month back. I have to be honest, I had never heard of him. My in-laws mentioned how they were going to hear him speak and my husband had said how he wanted to go, so when the opportunity came we took it.

When Reinhard spoke he showed a video clip of his ministry in Africa (a little like the one above). I was blown away! The millions that he has reached is amazing! (At one time in his ministry 1 million came to the Lord in one service! Praise God!) My husband and me were talking after we heard him speak about how simple his message was. To the point and easy to understand. In his book he mentions that he speaks the ABC's of Salvation. As we talked I said, that may be how God is able to use him. He doesn't go over your head. Neither does God! His gift is free and easy to receive, why complicate it!?

I wanted to read his book after hearing Reinhard speak and then in my bible study we were encouraged to read it as well. So I borrowed it from a friend and I am so glad I did! It took me a full 8 days to finish it and it did get harder to keep up at the last 100 pages but man it's amazing to read his story and so many stories of others his path has crossed with over his lifetime! It was interesting to see when I was born what miracles were taking place and have continued over my lifetime in another country I had no idea about!

If you have ever felt over looked, pushed aside or in the background, you should read this book! Reinhard felt called to Africa at age 10! His parents did not believe him and he was a naughty boy. He always in trouble, yet God passed over the two oldest sons and went to the 2nd to youngest child (youngest son) to anoint with the calling of evangelism.

I love Reinhard's passion, despite all the opposition he had. Even as he drew crowds of hundreds of thousands people would stand against him. It's amazing how even in the house of God we can discourage those around us that have a true calling on their lives! It is sad. But Reinhard trusted God and God always provided and protected!

God has really been speaking to my heart about missions these last few months. Our children's pastor and another friend are working towards their goals for missions from our church! Another family that is friends of ours just went to live in China (my heart) from our church as well. I have another friend going to Africa and friends that are working on going on missions trips. I remember going to Brazil and El Salvador 10 years ago and I LOVED it! I would love to do again one day.

I'm not sure what God is teaching me these last few months, in my heart. We can be a missionary even in our lives with those around us. A few weeks back Jayden and Akayla-Joy both said that God told them to be missionaries! Akayla-Joy to Africa, Jayden said God hasn't said where yet! Who knows what God will do but I will not discourage it.

I just finished a bible study on Romans as well. We talked about our lives; being examples, reaching others through our lives. It was a great study to help remind us of our calling. Romans was a spark, this book sparked into a fire!

It is time, let's Live A Life of Fire!!!

Tanya, missionary to Cambodia from Harvest Church

Our amazing children's Pastor, Joyce

Holly, missionary to Africa

Saturday, March 17, 2012

LEVEL BEST Lessons From the Life of Joe Elston by Renee Elston Duka

This book was written by a daughter of a friend of mine from my church, Harvest. Sherry Elston's husband, Joe passed away from cancer a few years back and his daughter Renee wrote a book about the stories of his life.

I think this book is beautifully written. It not only talks about his life growing up, how he was a the oldest of six, always helping his mother. But it also talks about his character. The lessons that he taught his children. He was a very influential man in the lives of those around him, influential with his character.

I remember meeting Papa Joe when I moved to Elk Grove for Master's Commission back in 2000. I had just joined on staff with Master's Commission and had a meeting with a few other staff members, one them being Joe.

I had always though through the years that he reminded me of my own grandpa. I wasn't sure what it was about him. My grandpa, like Joe was very tall. Maybe it was that. Maybe it was just his quiet spirit that drew me to him.

I think this book is a great quick read. It's not only a good read about Joe's life but I think it definitely encourages those reading how their lives can be a great example of Christ, especially for our children, to leave a legacy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Take One by Karen Kingsbury

Chase Ryan and Keith Ellison left the mission field to come back to the states and created movies that reach people and changes their lives. This is their first independent movie and though they raised money it's only enough to film for 4 weeks with no set backs.

When filming starts in Indianapolis (where Keith's daughter Andi is going to school) they have many setbacks in just the first day. The next four weeks test Chase and Keith's faith. To trust that they heard God's calling and believing that He will provide for them.

As part of the story it also follows Andi Ellison (Keith's daughter) in her first year of college off the mission field. She feels like she has been segregated from the real world. Her best friend had been killed and now Andi is questioning her belief in God. Keith and his wife Lisa are excited that her dorm roommate is Bailey Flanigan (a character from Karen Kingsbury's Redemption series - which I've heard is really good!) who is a strong Christian example.

This is book one of Above The Line series. It was a good story and I'm interested to see what happens in the rest of the series with the different characters.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

It Had To Be You by Janice Thompson

It Had To Be You is the 3rd book in the Weddings By Ella series by Janice Thompson.

Ella has put on 2 themed weddings in the last two books; a Boot Scootin' Boogy and a Renaissance. In this 3rd book Ella is working on another wedding for someone close to her. (To not spoil it for anyone who hasn't read the 1st two I will not name names!) This wedding has a Christmas theme to it.

Through this book Ella is receiving multiple wedding dates to plan for and is quickly becoming stressed from the pressure to keep up. As usual her quirky family is there in the mix as more family members arrive out of town from Italy. Including Sal (the owner of the bird they have been watching and good friend of her uncles). It's quite a crowd in her house these days! Will Ella be able to keep up?

I enjoyed this storyline. I loved Ella's family, they are hilarious! I do have to say after reading all of the books I really enjoyed the first book the most. The twists and turns that keep you laughing and are really unexpected! As the books go on the craziness does tone down quite a bit and you follow a good year period through the 3 books of Ella's family.

I wish there was a book 4 that fast forwarded to a reunion that takes place 5 years from now. To see where everyone ends up past "wedding stages". The humor and craziness that could take place would be fun to read about!

I recommend these books to read if you like comedy with a little romance, you won't be disappointed! Enjoy!