Sunday, March 4, 2012

It Had To Be You by Janice Thompson

It Had To Be You is the 3rd book in the Weddings By Ella series by Janice Thompson.

Ella has put on 2 themed weddings in the last two books; a Boot Scootin' Boogy and a Renaissance. In this 3rd book Ella is working on another wedding for someone close to her. (To not spoil it for anyone who hasn't read the 1st two I will not name names!) This wedding has a Christmas theme to it.

Through this book Ella is receiving multiple wedding dates to plan for and is quickly becoming stressed from the pressure to keep up. As usual her quirky family is there in the mix as more family members arrive out of town from Italy. Including Sal (the owner of the bird they have been watching and good friend of her uncles). It's quite a crowd in her house these days! Will Ella be able to keep up?

I enjoyed this storyline. I loved Ella's family, they are hilarious! I do have to say after reading all of the books I really enjoyed the first book the most. The twists and turns that keep you laughing and are really unexpected! As the books go on the craziness does tone down quite a bit and you follow a good year period through the 3 books of Ella's family.

I wish there was a book 4 that fast forwarded to a reunion that takes place 5 years from now. To see where everyone ends up past "wedding stages". The humor and craziness that could take place would be fun to read about!

I recommend these books to read if you like comedy with a little romance, you won't be disappointed! Enjoy!


  1. Joce! I totally agree!! I wanted there to be a 4th book so badly I almost cried!! haha

  2. There is a fourth book! It's coming! I'm writing a new series and the first book (Picture Perfect) is already written. It will come out in the fall, I believe. In that story you can find out what happens to Bella's family, and even the Splendora sisters. :) You'll get to meet Bella and DJ's kids, too! :)

  3. How exciting, I'm sure it's good! I will look forward to reading it! Thanks for taking time to write on my blog, I'm honored! :)

  4. Holy cow I cannot wait!! :) I love Star Struck also ... Joce I will have to let you read that one also :)

  5. Hey Jocelyn! just wanted to let you know you've been tagged! enjoy and be blessed,