Monday, January 14, 2013

Gingerbread Cookies and Gunshots by Leslie Meier

This is the 3rd short story in the book.

Lucy Stone is a mother of 4 and a busy newspaper reporter. When she runs into a little boy Nemo at the grocery store and ends up buying a cookie for him, she is curious about his parents. Especially when the next day Nemo is kidnapped.

As a reporter Lucy tracks down clues to help solve the mystery of who may have take Nemo. She can't enjoy her Christmas until she does.

This one had potential to be a better story to me. As Lucy is investigating she does things that I am not sure a reporter could do and get away with. Like leaking information to the victims before the police so she could see their reactions for her own investigation. When things come to a close, it's so fast and there is no true ending. It  is such a dramatic ending (which could have been thrilling) but there is no follow up. When Lucy returns home her husband (which I didn't even know if she was married until the last 5 chapters of the story) he asks her where she was and she just reply's; "Running errands!". There is no celebrating or anything to bring the story to a close.

Over all it was a good story. I liked the story line and the writing. I just wonder with this one why it was left as a 150 page short story and not made into a true novel to make it a great story.


  1. It is too bad that it didn't quite live up and could have been better. I haven't read this one yet, but am a fan of the series.

    1. I liked the other two but the third story was my favorite! I have reviews on those as well...