Monday, January 14, 2013

The Dangers of Gingerbread Cookies by Laura Levine

This is the 2nd short story in the book that I requested from the library. I didn't not know that it was as 3 in 1 but I thought I'd give the other stories a shot and was pleasantly surprised. This was actually my favorite of all 3.

Jaine takes vacation to visit her parents at Tampa Vistas in Florida. She endures the ideosecrensies of her parents. From her father who buys a gold spinning Christmas tree and spends all her time there trying to get it to work, to her mother with her flamboyant sweatshirts with Christmas decor and her desire for everyone to love them! They are proud parents showing off their daughter who writes commerical songs as if she a Hollywood screen writer!

One night they go to the performance The Gingerbread Cookie that saves Christmas to watch all their neighbors perform when one of the actors fall to his death.

Jaine then takes on a little investigating of her own to find out who the murderer could be living among them in Tampa Vista retirement homes!

This book was so funny. I have to warn there is a little language, not much but that might make some turn away. It's a 100 page cute story that I really enjoyed. I would actually look up another book by her to read. Great Christmas fun!

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