Friday, March 25, 2011


by: Robert Liparulo

This is book five in a series of six books. I stumbled onto this series and thought it looked interesting and found out after I had finished the first book that it is a youth series. It was interesting enough that I continued reading it as well.

The Dream House King series is about the King family. The parents, two sons and a daughter move into this house in a new town and the son's who are older are not very happy about the move. They move into a house but this house isn't like any other. The family soon discover portals (doors) on a hidden third floor that when you go through them, take you to different times in history. They also find out history that was hidden from them from their dads past. Secrets that lead them back to this house, their dad's house as a child.

The first book starts out with the mother being kidnapped and taken through the portal to another time in history. The rest of the series of books are about the family left behind trying to find her. Each book has a different twist and turn on the different times in history they enter. The times in history are dangerous and they have to fight off people and all sorts of obstacles in history as well as in the present time to find their mom.

When I started this book I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep reading the series because it had been a few month since I read the last book. Now after reading this book it took a turn that I didn't expect, different from all the other books. I am wanting to read the last book to find out what happens.

Though I do like the series it's probably not something that I would first suggest to read because there are so many other books I would recommend first that I just truly love. This series is an easy read, since it is geared for youth. There are parts that can be a little scary but more when your are looking at that age group it was written for. My daughter is now enjoying the books as well and it's fun to have read the same books together.

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