Thursday, May 12, 2011

True Devotion

by: Dee Henderson

Kelly was married to Nick, who was was a SEAL. On a mission things went terribly wrong and and Nick was killed and his best friend from the platoon, Joe, was shot in the arm. Both Kelly and Joe are left to recover from the loss. The book starts three years after Nicks death with Kelly and Joe as really close friends who actually start to wonder if they are becoming more than friends.

Joe is still in active duty as a SEAL and has kept the details of Nicks death a secret from Kelly, as is SEALS duty. But he has always tried to hunt down the man responsible, Raider.

After three years of no activity from Raider he is back in the spot light stealing weapons that could create a war. Joe is determined to find Raider and has no idea how close he and Kelly really are to him.

I really like this book. I had a hard start with the military lingo but once past the first few chapters I got into the story line between Joe and Kelly and what will happen to them with Raider involved! I recommend this book.

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