Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vicious Cycle

by Terri Blackstock

I had no idea you were able to order books from other cities through the library system. If I remember right, this book came from San Diego. I was pretty excited though, since it really is one of very few in CA to request!

I read The Intervention and then was so sad when I couldn't find the 2nd book, Vicious Cycle. The Intervention can be found under my book reviews for April. The back ground story of The Intervention is about Barbara's daughter, Emily. Barbara has an interventionist come to take Emily to a rehab center because her life is spiraling out of control on drugs. But when Emily's interventionist is found dead and she has gone missing, her mother, Barbara, does everything in her power to find her.

Vicious Cycle picks up the story a year after The Intervention ends. Emily is about to graduate from her year in rehab when one of the pregnant fifteen year old girls, Jordan, from her rehab center runs back home. When Jordan gives birth, things get crazy. This time Emily's brother, Lance is caught up in it. Jail, kidnapping and drugs. When will the vicious cycle end?

Terri Blackstock has officially become one of my top favorite authors. I truly enjoy reading her books. This two book series is a must read.

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