Monday, May 23, 2011

The Priest's Graveyard

by: Ted Dekker

This books starts with a story...

Danny grew up in Bosnia but when his family is killed he takes on a new calling for his life, to rid the world of those in the world that deserve judgement.

Renee is a junkie from the street, running to survive being killed by the man that is after her, Jonathan Bourque. When she is "rescued" by a man named Lamont.

A year later Danny, now a Priest and Renee, who is no longer a junkie, cross path's in unexpected events. They soon discover that they share the same goal, to rid the world of injustice. The road they take takes them down a long path of secrets that soon takes a turn into Renee's past. Renee is faced with a choice, will she choose Judgement or Grace and Love?

I'm surprised at the last few books that Ted Dekker has written. I have read all of Ted Dekker's books and have only come across a few that were not my favorite. He quickly became one of my favorite authors. But the last two I've read; Emanuel's Vein and this book, it's not that they aren't my favorite, I really don't like them! I'm not sure if Ted Dekker has is changing his style of writing or trying out new ideas.

It always amazes me how fast he writes his books and I'm sure I will read his next book in hopes that I might like it as much as I have most of his books in the past. But for this book, The Priest's Graveyard, I'm sorry to say, I wouldn't recommend this book to read.

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