Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Buried Sins

by: Marta Perry

Marta Perry is a great writer. In July I read the first book to this series called; Hide in Plain Sight. That book happened to be my first free e-book read and I loved it. Another friend read that book as well and found out that it was the first book in a 3 book series. Unfortunately I cannot find the 2nd book at the library but read the 3rd one anyway, which stands alone without having read the 2nd one.

I really liked it. Marta Perry has just enough mystery that keeps you guessing from page one! I was hooked from chapter one until the last chapter when you find out who is behind the mystery. I love that! You want to keep reading to find out and the book never looses it's intensity or gets boring.

Buried Sins is about the 3rd sister, Caroline, or as they call her Caro. Rachel and Andrea, Caro's sisters, have already moved back where they lived (in their grandparents home) when they were children. Caro doesn't have any memories of their grandparents home because they all moved away at a young age with their mother. Caro is forced back to her grandparents home when she finds out her husband, Tony, has died and may have been killed. She is being followed and decides she will be safer with her family, who she hasn't seen in a long time nor told them about her late husband.

Caro's troubles follow her and more secrets about her husbands past are being revealed. She is eventually forced to tell her family what is going on. Meanwhile, the local police chief, Zach, knows something is wrong from the moment she comes into town. As time goes by he is slowly starting to care for Caro as well as questioning who she is because of every thing that is going on around her.

Is Caro telling the truth. Is she innocent or guilty? Enjoy reading to find out. It's a great series!


  1. I am going to fan/follow her on Good read. all because of you.