Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Truth Teller

by: Angela Hunt

This book is 422 pages, I'm not sure if it's because of the size, story line or both but it took me quite a while to finish!

The truth teller starts out with Lara, a young grieving widow. Her husband died of cancer just 6 months before and she has had a hard time moving on. She is a nurses assistant and decided that since her husband had prepared for the future she wants to have his baby even though he is now gone.

The parallel story line is about a man named, Devin Sloan. He is a scientist that wants to use the DNA of a newly discovered Ice Man from years ago to help make the human race more pure.

With out Lara's knowledge Devin Sloan teamed up with Dr. Braun (the man who helped with Lara's invetro). Just before delivery Lara discovers the hidden truth about the baby she is carrying and runs to protect both of them.

This book is slow moving. You go through Lara's struggle to move on from her husbands death, to her decision to do invetro. Though it is slow moving I was interested in Lara's life. When I first started I was worried the scientific side would be too in depth but it was easy to follow, which I was happy about. About half way through the book things start to pick up and about 3/4 way through the book you really want to know the out come of what happens to Lara and her child.

I have realized that large books like this take me more time to read than I'm used to. With this book you really get wrapped up in the characters and can't rush the story. I would recommend this book but you have to set aside some time to really be involved.

It seems that I have to go back and forth between in depth and easy reads because too many in depth books can be an over load for me! I just finished Riven not long ago and that was another in depth book. I need some easy reads!!! :P


  1. This book looks like it will be added to my To Be Read List ;o)

    Found you on one of my groups on Goodreads, Christian Fiction Devourers.

    Patricia Kemp Blackmon