Wednesday, October 19, 2011


by; Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee

I LOVED this book. I'm so excited to have read this book at this time. I was getting in a reading slump having read so many thick, in depth books. I needed something to really enjoy. I was a little nervous since I haven't liked Ted Dekkers last few books, I am so happy that I enjoyed this one. I had no idea this is the first book in a series. It's the first time I've read a book that didn't already have the series finished! And I can't wait til the 2nd one which doesn't come out til 2012! Ugh...the wait!

If you have read the Circle Trilogy I don't know why you wouldn't like this series. It reminds me a lot of it yet has it's own story line. Forbidden is about the world after the Chaos. Rom is confronted by an old man, who calls himself a "Keeper". He tells Rom that his father did not die but was killed protecting a secret. He hands Rom a box and gives him instructions on how to protect it and run. As Rom runs he turns back to see the old man killed by the sword. What is going on?

There is a truth in the box that holds the key to the earths future. A new soverign is about to reign the world but they are living by the Order, and blinded by the lie of that Order. He discovers that the only emotion the world is living on is fear. The human race no longer can have any other emotion, until now. It is Roms call to help expose the truth!

This book is so great! I am excited to also look into Tosca Lee's books, since she co-wrote the book with Ted Dekker. I will have to say that at the beginning of the book there were some emotions described that I could have lived without and at the end it gets pretty gory but it's all part of the story. As a whole I would highly recommend this book to read!!!


  1. I will have to try this one. I usually cannot finish any Dekker book I start, but am inspired by your review to try this one.

  2. I love Ted Dekker, there were a few of his last books that I was not a fan of but I will always try a Ted Dekker book! Maybe you can be won over to his side with this one! haha