Wednesday, October 5, 2011


by: Robin Parrish

Another in depth book! I'm gonna have to read some easy reads pretty soon!

Relentless starts out with; Collin Boyd. He see's himself walking down the street. Someone that looks just like him is wearing his clothes, carrying his briefcase. How is this possible? Collin looks at his reflection in the window to see someone else looking back at him. Someone he has never seen before.

Now Collin is trying to find out who he is. His license says; Grant Borrows, he has a new apartment, a new life. He has a ring on his finger that won't come off, someone is now trying to kill him and he has discovered he was created for a destiny he never knew about or asked for, until now. He is now running against time to discover the truth and the pace is Relentless!

This book reminds me a lot of Ted Dekker's, Circle Trilogy. Very interesting story line. You don't know where it's going or what will happen. I didn't realize until the very end that this book is the first in the Dominion Trilogy. So now I am looking forward to continue the story line with book two. I recommend this book. If you like Ted Dekker you will like this book. If you like story lines that aren't the norm, you will like it as well...

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