Sunday, October 30, 2011


by: Randy Alcorn

This book is great! One if my book clubs read this book and I had no idea it was a book, I had only heard of the movie. If the movie is as good as the book (which I have heard it's great) than I can't wait to watch it. I'm curious to see how much they are alike, cause it was almost like reading the movie, the pictures in the book reflect scenes in both the book and movie...I shall see!

Courageous is about 4 police officers; Adam, Nathan, David and Shane. There is another man, Javier, who joins their small group of friendship through a Divine Intervention. As police officers, they see so much crime in Georgia and all the gangs in their area. These men decide there is a need to stand up for the fatherless children and declare to be better husbands and fathers in their families. This book takes you through the trials (had me crying), their daily struggles, betrayals, their lives as policemen and also the victories in their lives.

This book is an easy read. It's almost like watching a Hallmark movie; as you read you watch their lives play out. Though parts are sad you still feel encouraged. And when you see their victories it challenges you personally! It's definitely a book to help lift people up, to help encourage and show us, the reader, how our lives, families and marriages could be if we let it.

I am excited to see the movie. I would highly recommend reading this book whether you've seen the movie or not! I will have to post how alike they are after I see the movie!


  1. I never knew this was from a book by Randy. I love alot of his books and really like the movie. You helped me learn my daily new fact. lol Now I should read the book also.