Sunday, April 8, 2012

Redemption by Karen Kingbury

I am calling my life right now; The Baxter movement! I am hooked on Karen Kingbury books; The Redemption series. I am hooked on the  Baxter family!

Who is the Baxter family you ask!? You don't know? Well you should! John and Elizabeth have five children; Kari, Ashley, Luke and Brook and Erin.

In Redemption Kari Baxtor Jacobs, their oldest daughter, has just found out that her husband has been having an affair on her with his college student. He wants a divorce and walks out on Kari, while Kari holds onto to God's promise to make her marriage work.

During the book you go through twist and turns of Kari's relationship while God shows his redemptive power. The book takes a wild turn and you are left wanting to dive right into book two to find out what happens next in the Baxtor family!

A must read! I am hooked, so will you!


  1. thanks for the review, Jocelyn! Karen's books are a favorite for many, glad you're hooked :) that's the only type of book worth reading, blessings girl!

  2. I have had this book for a while and I am dying to read it. But like you, I know that I am going to want to read the whole series so I want to be sure that I have enough time. Maybe I'll start it on vacation in May! Plus books 2-5 are $9.99 for the kindle so it is a decent amount of money. I think I'll buy one a week to spread the expense!

  3. I was lucky to get to borrow these books from my friend. Otherwise I get all my books from the library! :P