Monday, April 2, 2012

Shades of Blue by Karen Kingsbury

Shades of Blue is a very moving story.

Brad Cutler has moved up in the business industry. He is now a rising star at a New York ad agency of his future father-in-laws business. But something is different. He is six weeks away from his wedding day and his past has come back up when he least expected it.

He is working on a new add for a new line of plush fabric for babies. He is supposed to be coming up with a new catchy slogan for the company but old memories are getting in the way.

After much prayer Brad knows what he needs to do. He has to tell his fiance that he needs to go back into his past and seek forgiveness from his first love. He had tried to move on from the past but he realizes that he cannot move on into a new chapter in his life until the last chapter is finished. He must tell her secrets that he had never spoken before.

While Brad is off with is ex-girlfriend his fiance is left to struggle with this new information from a man she is supposed to be marrying in six weeks. Can Brad and his fiance find the forgiveness that they need, will their wedding plans continue? Can God work in both their hearts to bring healing?

This is a great story. I think it's one that many teenagers need to read. It talks about choices that we make in our youth that can bring many consequences even years later. Why waiting is so important in so many ways!

I recommend this book, Karen Kingsbury really deals with so many day to day issues that we have all walked through. Her stories are honest and encouraging. I recommend any of her books!

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