Monday, April 23, 2012

Rejoice by Karen Kingsbury

Wow! Rejoice is heart wrenching!  More than any of the other books so far. I cried within the first few chapters and cried all throughout. This one by far affected me the most as a mom!

Brook and her husband are doctors. One weekend Brook is on call and had to leave a birthday party that they are at with their daughters. While she is gone a tragic accident occurs that changes their lives forever. Before the accident their marriage was suffering, now things are even worse.

Meanwhile Ashley who received life altering news in the  third book in the Redemption series, Remember. Ashely has yet to tell the entire family and is forced to wait when the accident occurs. In the meantime she is letting her life slip away.

Will Ashley trust God that He still wants to bless her beyond what she can imagine. That she doesn't have to let things go? Will Brook and ... be able to hold on to God's word and Rejoice even in the midst of the worst tragedy of their lives?

I wanted to shake Ashely, you don't want her to make the choices she is making. And I was heart broken for Brook. I'm so sad to be moving on to the last book of this series...I have loved every minute of it!

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