Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Illusion by: Frank Peretti

Okay, I am a HUGE lover of Frank Peretti's writing. His earlier books, Piercing the Darkness and This Present Darkness are some of my all time favorite books. It has been quite awhile since he has written any books and I was so excited to read it.

As I saw new reviews coming out they were mixed on whether people liked it or not, some were even disappointed. I still kept an open mind and hoped that I would feel differently. Unfortunately that did not happen for me. I am not a fan of Illusion.

To start out I grew up being told that any type of magic was bad. It wasn't something you did or watched. Now as I've grown up I realize that that is not the case. Magic is just an Illusion (thus the title of the book). With that said it was still hard to wrap my mind around the Illusions that occured.

To start off Mandy and Dane are a very famous married couple who do traveling magical shows. When traveling one day they are hit by a car Mandy is killed. Dane is left to move to their new home, Mandy's home town, all alone to start a new life.

Mandy then wakes up. To her she is 19 years old but the year is 2010 (the day, year she died). Nothing is the same from when she lived in her hometown at 19 years old. She has to create a new identity to survive. She is doing street magic when she runs into Dane but does not know who he is. Her mind has been erased back to age 19. Though Dane recognizes something in her. Eventually they create a friendship and Dane mentors Mandy to be a better magician.

Dane is beginning to feel like he is going crazy because of how he is drawn to the younger Mandy and Mandy is confused with who she is. In the mean time she develops the ability to travel through time to create amazing Illusions that no one can believe.

The story talks about how she died and woke up at age 19, talks about Dane and Mandy's marriage. Many describe the book as a romance but it's not so much that for me. Sometimes it was hard to follow how her ability to travel through time worked and you very much have to pay attention to what your reading when things really get going.

The story is definitely a new concept it was just hard for me to get passed my initial issues with magic in general. I will not write off Frank Peretti and will look forward to the next book that he publishes. I just wish I had enjoyed this one as much as I have other ones.

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