Sunday, September 2, 2012

Forever by Karen Kingsbury

This is the last book in the Firstborn series BUT excited to know that it doesn't end here with the Baxter family! The next series continues on with the Sunrise series!

In Forever it was up and down as is usual with these books. I think it was a little less exciting for me just because I had already read another book a few series down and already knew the outcome of what happened before I read this book. If I had not read that one, I would have been sucked in to the story line a little more. Having said that the story is just as good and I am still in love with these books! And I still did my share of tearing up!

In Forever, there is a huge accident that occurs that shakes the Katy and the Baxter's to the core. The future that they saw could be taken away from them before it even starts. Mean while the Baxter son, Luke, is having a hard time coping with news that changed his family as it was and now this accident adds more guilt. His emotions are getting the best of him and it's affecting his relationships including his marriage.

The Baxter's have to lean on God and trust that the future of their family is in his hands. To show that they walk in faith to finish a project that shows their hope is in God!

In some ways I think the story always ends on a good note, so by now I kind of assume that no matter what happens the Baxter family wins in the end. Not sure I would want tragedy to happen and it to end sadly but after reading so many of these stories it's harder to be swayed when you know in the end what will happen.

I am hoping that the author can keep the story going and I can't wait to continue on it the Baxter story in Sunrise!

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