Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sunrise by Karen Kingsbury

Warning! This is a spoiler alert! If you haven't read any of the Baxter series books, you may want to find my first blog on the Redemption series and start there!

Sunrise is the 1st book in the 3rd series following the Baxter's. This story continues on to follow where Forever leaves off. You continue on with Dayne and Katy as they start preparing for their wedding. They want to keep it a secret so that it is something special with those that love. Meanwhile Dayne asks Katy to try out for the supporting role in the next film that he is going to be in.

You also get to follow on with other families. Katy used to live with the Flanigan family and Cody, who they have living with them, ends up drinking too much. It affects the whole family, including their oldest daughter. Bailey has always done the right thing but she is pushing the limits now that her parents are consumed with Cody.

And John Baxter is becoming closer friends with Elaine. Is something brewing between them? Is it time to move on from the death of his wife? How will his children feel?

Once again I love these books. I get so caught up in them I have to put them down and read something else to reboot and start again! I am excited to continue on in this series to see what becomes of Katy and Dayne!

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