Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Christmas Colection by Max Lucado

I picked up this book (after owning it for a few years now) since I was waiting for books to get to the library. The Christmas Collection has 3 stories in it.

First, An Angel's Story, is a speculation of the spiritual battle that took place when Jesus was being born. How angels fought to protect Mary and Joseph from evil. I was intrigued by the idea but had Frank Peretti (This Present Darkness & Piercing the Darkness) in mind when I thought of the story. (If you have read those books, you know what I mean). So when I read An Angel's Story, it was not what I expected. But it was true to Max Lucado's writing.

The Christmas Candle is about angel that has been going to the candle maker's family for generations. Every 15 years this Angel arrives on Christmas Even. The candle brings a miracle to whoever receives it.

The Christmas Child is about a man who receives a picture of a church that takes him back to the town of his birth and adoption. The story that unravels brings forgiveness and healing.

I really loved The Christmas Candle and The Christmas Child. I really wish that they were stories that had been made into novels. But again true to Max Lucado they are short, sweet and straight to the heart.

I would recommend this collection of stories for any reader. And with the Christmas season coming up, it's a good quick read for the season!

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