Thursday, December 27, 2012

Joseph's Story by Shawn Darren Stanley

 I got this book as a free download from amazon. I was trying to go through Christmas stories in December and though it's not a Christmas novel, I wanted to read this one since it's definitely the reason for the Christmas season!

The author wanted to take on Joseph's view point and what kind of man he was since so many stories are from Mary's point of view.

The story adds the authors own version of facts from the bible. Tho there are points made that are from scripture, it was interesting to read about the times that Mary and Joseph lived in and what there life at that time could have been like. There are other versions I have read or the movie, Nativity Story, that I have watched that made it hard to switch my thinking to a different view point on their take of the story but overall the story was good. It isn't my favorite book but it's a quick read.

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