Thursday, December 6, 2012

True Light by Terri Blackstock

This is book three in the Restoration series. I first read Last Light, book one, back in August of 2011. Then I read Night Light, book two, in January of 2012. You are able to see my reviews on these books in my history on the right side. I have read Terri Blackstocks books in the past. I loved quite a few of her series, so I picked this series up as well. I think it's obvious that though it's a good book/series, it does not grab me like her other books have. It has taken me over a year to read just these three and there is still one more book to finish this series. I am interested to read it to see what happens, especially now that I just finished Last Light, just to see how things end, I'm just not sure when I will pick it up.

Last Light picks up with the world still out of all electricity of any kind. The book starts hooks you right from the start with a shooting. Mark Green, who you meet in book two, is very quickly the center of attention. In book two his dad kidnapped Dani Branning and now everyone is quick to believe that Mark is just like his dad and the Branning family, including Dani is quick to protect him.
You follow the story as they try to find out who is trying to frame Mark while the town has turned against him.

Terri Blackstock is a great writer. I do recommend this book. It's a great story line, especially now with the new t.v. show; Revolution!

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