Friday, April 27, 2012

Reunion by Karen Kingsbury

Reunion is the 5th and final book in the Redemption series by Karen Kingsbury.

Through out the Redemption series you have followed Elizabeth and John Baxters children; Erin, Kari, Ashley, Brooke and Luke. They have gone through many struggles and moved on in life where God has taken them.

Now in Reunion, Elizabeth is wanting to get all the children back together to celebrate God's faithfulness in their lives. As another secrets, more twists and turns that you don't expect pop up!

I cried in book four and even more in book five, Reunion. Karen Kingbury writes about the Baxter family that gets you involved in their lives. You follow them through the ups and downs and laugh and cry with them! May sound funny but it's true. The struggles this family goes through could be pulled from any family, they are so real.

You will love the Baxter family. You will love this series. If you are a book reader I highly recommend the Redemption series! Now I'm onto the next series, Fame, which continues on with characters from the Redemption series.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rejoice by Karen Kingsbury

Wow! Rejoice is heart wrenching!  More than any of the other books so far. I cried within the first few chapters and cried all throughout. This one by far affected me the most as a mom!

Brook and her husband are doctors. One weekend Brook is on call and had to leave a birthday party that they are at with their daughters. While she is gone a tragic accident occurs that changes their lives forever. Before the accident their marriage was suffering, now things are even worse.

Meanwhile Ashley who received life altering news in the  third book in the Redemption series, Remember. Ashely has yet to tell the entire family and is forced to wait when the accident occurs. In the meantime she is letting her life slip away.

Will Ashley trust God that He still wants to bless her beyond what she can imagine. That she doesn't have to let things go? Will Brook and ... be able to hold on to God's word and Rejoice even in the midst of the worst tragedy of their lives?

I wanted to shake Ashely, you don't want her to make the choices she is making. And I was heart broken for Brook. I'm so sad to be moving on to the last book of this series...I have loved every minute of it!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Return by Karen Kingbury

I'm not sure how three books into Karen Kingbury's Redemption series they can get any better! Each book is just a great as the last one.

In Return so much is going on in the Baxter family. More twists and turns that you don't expect.

Luke, Elizabeth and John's only son, has wandered away from his faith. Luke and his girlfriend Brooke made a choice that changed their lives on 9/11 and Luke is about to hear news that will change it again.

Ashley is finally living the life that she is always wanted. When she is given life altering news that will changed the future she always wanted and she can see it slipping from her hands.

Brooks daughter seems to be sicker than normal and as a doctor she should be able to know what's wrong. It's taking a toll on her marriage when her daughter is finally admitted to the hospital.

Will Luke return to his first love?
Can Ashley trust God to keep everything together?
Will Brook and her husband find what is wrong in time, will her marriage survive?

Each book seems to get better and you want to keep reading to find out what happens. These books have quickly risen to the top of my all time favorite books that I've read! If you haven't started reading them you need to pick up a copy today!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Remember by Karen Kingbury

Remember is the second book in the Redemption series.

If you haven't read my previous review on the first book Redemption, here is a little recap. John and Elizabeth Baxtor have five children; Kari, Ashley, Luke, Brook and Erin. The first book is about their oldest daughter Kari (you will have to go to my previous post to read a full review on book one).

The second book; Remember is about their daughter Ashley. Though Ashley grew up in a Christian home she has come to believe that the choices she has made in her life will never be forgiven by God. She has kept everyone, even her family out of reach, never revealing what happened in her past to anyone.

In Remember, 9/11 takes place ripping the country apart and even affects the Baxtor family in a personal way. Ashley must say good-bye to someone close and in doing so just may learn to lean on and find her way back to God.

Another must read! Like I said I am addicted! Can't wait to read book three!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Redemption by Karen Kingbury

I am calling my life right now; The Baxter movement! I am hooked on Karen Kingbury books; The Redemption series. I am hooked on the  Baxter family!

Who is the Baxter family you ask!? You don't know? Well you should! John and Elizabeth have five children; Kari, Ashley, Luke and Brook and Erin.

In Redemption Kari Baxtor Jacobs, their oldest daughter, has just found out that her husband has been having an affair on her with his college student. He wants a divorce and walks out on Kari, while Kari holds onto to God's promise to make her marriage work.

During the book you go through twist and turns of Kari's relationship while God shows his redemptive power. The book takes a wild turn and you are left wanting to dive right into book two to find out what happens next in the Baxtor family!

A must read! I am hooked, so will you!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Between Sundays by Karen Kingsbury

Another great book by Karen Kingsbury. I was given this book, which I was very excited about because she is such a great author!

Aaron Hill is a starting quarter back for the 49ers but has questionable character. The news catches wind of one bad night out and he is now having to do some PR to help with his image.

Derrick Anderson is a Christian quarter back in his last season with the 49ers. He has had a great career as a quarter back and is trying to win one last Superbowl ring. For the team he is trying to help mentor Aaron, though Aaron doesn't really want it.

Yet, when Aaron needs to shape up his image he goes with Derrick to a pizza night with the foster care children in the area (a program Derrick has started). The very first night Aaron is taken with Megan Gunn, who is Cory Briggs foster mom and Cory's believes with all his heart that Aaron is his father!

Now Aaron wants to get to know Megan but what will he think when he finds out that Cory believes? Will he walk away or will he try to discover the truth? Will Megan and Aaron find love or will they be torn apart by Aaron's questionable character? Can God work in all their hearts to bring them together?

Read, read, read!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Shades of Blue by Karen Kingsbury

Shades of Blue is a very moving story.

Brad Cutler has moved up in the business industry. He is now a rising star at a New York ad agency of his future father-in-laws business. But something is different. He is six weeks away from his wedding day and his past has come back up when he least expected it.

He is working on a new add for a new line of plush fabric for babies. He is supposed to be coming up with a new catchy slogan for the company but old memories are getting in the way.

After much prayer Brad knows what he needs to do. He has to tell his fiance that he needs to go back into his past and seek forgiveness from his first love. He had tried to move on from the past but he realizes that he cannot move on into a new chapter in his life until the last chapter is finished. He must tell her secrets that he had never spoken before.

While Brad is off with is ex-girlfriend his fiance is left to struggle with this new information from a man she is supposed to be marrying in six weeks. Can Brad and his fiance find the forgiveness that they need, will their wedding plans continue? Can God work in both their hearts to bring healing?

This is a great story. I think it's one that many teenagers need to read. It talks about choices that we make in our youth that can bring many consequences even years later. Why waiting is so important in so many ways!

I recommend this book, Karen Kingsbury really deals with so many day to day issues that we have all walked through. Her stories are honest and encouraging. I recommend any of her books!