Tuesday, April 5, 2011


by: Robert Liparulo

This is the last book in a series of six in the Dream House series. This series is about a House that has secret third floor with doors, they call them portals, that take you to different times in history.The family is trying to find their mom, who was kidnapped in book one.

Through the first four books you read about the different worlds that the family go to; from civil war, jungles with tigers to gladiator times. Then they are also trying to fight a man, who they named Tskidian, who came from another time in history to the present. He is using the portals for his own gain. The family has to fight to keep their home, go to school, keep up appearances. All the while they are fighting for their lives when they go into these different times in history.

Just when you think you know how everything works, the way the author is going, book five adds a twist. I wasn't sure how the author was going to end the series in book six but you actually see how he ties in Jesus in their lives.

Being that this series in a youth series I actually enjoyed it. My daughter is reading it now and said that she has actually gotten others in her class to read it as well. I can only hope that they hang on until book six to see the true meaning behind the story.

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