Monday, April 11, 2011

The Rescuer

by: Dee Henderson

This is book seven, the last book in the O'Malley series written by Dee Henderson. But I looked on Dee Henderson's webpage and saw that she wrote another story on Jennifer, the only O'Malley sibling that wasn't turned into a book. I'm not sure how long it is but from what I can tell it hasn't been a published book. I will be reading that next on my computer next, I wish I had an ipad to read it on!

The Rescuer is about the O'Malley brother, Stephen, who was a paramedic and the last of the O'Malley siblings to Believe. Because of an O'Malley tragedy, which you read about throughout the series, he runs away to find who he is and where he belongs. One of his friends, Meghan, comes back into his life and they struggle to find where their friendship lies. Meghan is a Believer and doesn't want to commit to someone who isn't. In the midst of everything they both end up in the middle of a jewelry theft.

This book is a great way to end the series. I thought it was well written. You follow Stephen on his journey to find Christ in his life as well as the friendship with Meghan. You want to keep reading to find out what happens as well as with the jewelry theft.

The first few books in this series, especially, Danger in the Shadows has more action and suspense. This book isn't as suspenseful but the jewelry theft fits with the story line to end the series, not leaving you wanting more with another book. With Rescuer being the last book, it ends appropriately with all the siblings and their lives coming together.

I think the O'Malley series is a series that is well worth reading.

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