Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ransomed Dreams

by: Sally John

I ran across this book while looking at the back of the covers for the "Inspirational' stickers at the library. Those are the books they have labeled as Christian books. I've never heard of Sally John or any of her books before. The story seemed interesting so I thought I'd give it a try.

Sheridan grew up with a father who was as the House Representative from Illinois. Then she married a husband who became the U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela. One day their lives are shattered with one bullet. Her husband is shot and and becomes disabled. Their lives change drastically and they hide away in a tiny town, Tolupa, in Mexico.

When Sheridan's father dies a 18 months later her sister calls on her to come home. She has to face her fears and her past. She has no idea what family secrets she will uncover, even in her own marriage. Once again she is questioning everything, she has choices to make. Will she follow her head, her heart or what God is speaking?

This book took longer for me to read. The story isn't action packed or suspenseful. It takes you from the beginning to the end through Sheridan's struggle, all too real but worth reading. I wouldn't say that Sally John is my new favorite author but I will try out her other books as well.

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