Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Like Dandelion Dust

by: Karen Kingsbury

This book is an incredible book! Like Dandelion Dust is a very emotional and touching story.

A couple, Wendy and Rip Porter, had a child. Rip went to prison for domestic violence when Wendy found out she was pregnant. She hid her pregnancy from Rip and when the child was born she forged her husbands signature to put the child up for adoption. Now 4 years later Rip is getting out of prison and Wendy tells him about their son that she gave up. Rip wants him back. He's a changed man, found religion and has worked through his anger. Maybe he is a changed man and they can be the family Wendy always wanted to be.

Molly and Jack Campbell adopted their son, Joey 4 years ago. Now Molly's sister Beth and her family have moved to the same town, something they always dreamed of. They have a dog, Gus. Her husband has had great sucess in business, they are lacking nothing...or so they think. Along with Beth and her family has come her new found faith in God. Something that Molly and Jack are not in need of...until now.

When the social worker that had worked on their adoption case calls to tell them that the signature for the adoption papers were forged and now their adoption is nullified. The biological father never knew about their son and now the parents want their son back, Molly and Jacks world is shifted. What will they do to keep their son? Will they turn to God? This story is about two mothers and their love for their son. Who will pay the ultimate sacrifice?

I LOVED this story. The first half is building up to the second half of the book. Half way through the book I was bawling like a baby and at the end of the book I was as well. I think this story is a MUST read! I found out it is a movie as well, which is on the way from Netflix right now! I can't wait to watch it!

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