Thursday, November 10, 2011

Like Dandelion Dust book vs. movie

After having read the book and then being so excited to see the movie I was surprised it is so different from the book.

In the book Molly's relationship with her sister is way more believable. They are very close which makes the idea for them to go on the trip to Haiti more believable rather than in the movie Molly and her sister have tension because of Molly's beliefs. In the book Molly and her husband, Jake are united all the way. In the movie they fight over each step they take with their son Joey. Jack is always easy going but in the movie he even yells at the social worker and friends to help them. Even Joeys visit with this biological parents is better than in the book, which makes you almost sway your hear to feel bad for them. In the book you can't stand the biological dad from the beginning. The differences are so obvious it's hard to get over them.

Because the story is hard, it is sad to watch, even with the differences. Had I not read the book I may have loved the movie. But because I read the book the movie wasn't all what I expected it to be. I am disappointed. But I'm sure it is still great for those that haven't read the book. And if you don't like to read I would recommend to do so!

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  1. I always hate books that are turned into movies. They hardly ever live up to my expectations. I love Karen Kingsbury books. She does mention that they had to tone down the religious overtones and stuff to make it more marketable to the masses. You didn't see God and stuff mentioned as much as it was in the book as well. But, I think for a movie adaptation of one of her books they did fairly well for those who have never read her books. It would make them want to read it, I think.