Monday, November 14, 2011

Their First Neol by Annie Jones

This story is very cute. My local book club decided on this read for the month of November to get in the groove of Christmas!

This story was really cute. I always think of these types of books like a Hallmark movie! I could totally see all the parts and see it on the t.v. playing out.

Andy McFarland is working on restoring the local holiday inn that he now own in Mt. Piney, Vermont. He is getting close to his deal line to open for Christmas as a tribute to their annual Christmas tradition before a fire had destroyed part of the inn. One snowy night Corrie Bennington walks through their inn, before their scheduled opening day.

Corrie is in town to make a ginger bread for St. Pineys annual ginger break contest. But her motives for being there are not all about ginger breads, she is trying to find her father, a man that her mother has never spoken about. All Corrie has is his name and where her parents met; the Mt. Piney Inn.

Andy is all business, scheduled and a planner. Corrie is none of these. She walks into Andy's life and he discovers he will never be the same! Will Corrie find her? Will Andy be able to let Corrie into his life?

I recommend this read for Christmas time, it's a cute story and an easy read.

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