Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grace by Shelly Shepard Gray

Brenneman Bed and Breakfast is family owned. Their family is finally going to be together again for the holidays. They are looking forward to some family time with no guests for the holidays when a reservation arrives late showing they have a guest arriving today!

Levi is trying to get away for the holidays looking forward to time away from family and prying eyes that know his past. He wants to blend in with the guests of the bed and breakfast where he can be alone.

As Levi's taxi arrives at the B&B another unexpected guest, Melody, arrives as well. Not only does she show with a past that she is running from, she passes out at their door pregnant!

The Brennamen family has to welcome and include two unexpected guests for their holiday season. While Levi and Melody had both planned to run away they are the only two guests and are brought in to join the Brennamen family traditions. They had no idea what they were in for.

This story is really cute. It's my 2nd holiday book to read, since I've never really read Christmas stories for the Christmas season. But this one actually made me enjoy the idea and I ordered more Christmas books to read! I think from now on I will dedicate my Decembers to a few holiday books each year! Enjoy!

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