Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Rising: The Anti Christ is Born

This is the first book in the Left Behind series; before Left Behind. I just found out that there were three prequels to the series.

In The Rising you see how the anti-christ, Nicholia Carpathia, is born. Who his parents were and how he was raised. It is scary to see how satan used people for his purpose!

The Rising also takes you through Rayford Steele's life as a child. If you have read the Left Behind series you know this character. The Rising begins with Rayford Steele's childhood. You see how he grew up and what his background in faith was like. How it comes about for the circumstances that take place in Left Behind. You see how Rayford meets his wife and have children of their own.

The book was interesting to get the background to the story I already know. If you have read the Left Behind series, I recommend to read this book to read the background. If you haven't read the Left Behind series, start here.

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