Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Rising: The Anti Christ is Born

This is the first book in the Left Behind series; before Left Behind. I just found out that there were three prequels to the series.

In The Rising you see how the anti-christ, Nicholia Carpathia, is born. Who his parents were and how he was raised. It is scary to see how satan used people for his purpose!

The Rising also takes you through Rayford Steele's life as a child. If you have read the Left Behind series you know this character. The Rising begins with Rayford Steele's childhood. You see how he grew up and what his background in faith was like. How it comes about for the circumstances that take place in Left Behind. You see how Rayford meets his wife and have children of their own.

The book was interesting to get the background to the story I already know. If you have read the Left Behind series, I recommend to read this book to read the background. If you haven't read the Left Behind series, start here.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Murder in Plain Sight by Marta Perry

I learned of Marta Perry through a free e-book on Amazon.com that I read by her. It was so good. I though I'd try another series by her and I was not disappointed.

In Murder in Plain Sight; Jessica Langdon is just starting out in her career as a lawyer. She secured this job with the help of her father's position as a superior court judge. But things are not going so well when she is called to her boss' office. Expecting to be fired Jessica is surprised to be given a case. She is to go take care of a plea bargin and get back with out messing this one up.

Jessica sets out to find out about her new case. An amish boy, Thomas, is arrested for the murder of an english girl. Jessica was hired by a spit fire lady, Geneva, and inherited her son, Trey, as a body guard to help her aquire the facts from the case. The amish are not so eager to talk to an english attorney, so she has to lean on Trey to help.

Facts are not adding up, someone seems to be trying to run Jessica out of town. She is even fearing for her life. Maybe Thomas is innocent after all!?

This story was really good. I love how Marta Perry is able to make you guess through out her books and keep you interested throughout the book. I am looking forward to reading the 2nd book in this series.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beyond Tuesday Morning

This is the 2nd book in the September 11th series. After 9/11 Jamie had to learn to keep living after the death of her husband. In order to keep his memory alive she has started to vollunteer at St. Pauls church near ground zero.

Meanwhile Clay is happy that his brother Eric is back home with his wife and son but he feels that he needs something in his life. After a manditory leave from work he decides to go with his friend to New York for training to become a detective.

An unexpected event changes both Clay and Jaime's lives forever. It proves that God is in control of our lives, even when we don't see it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury

I had requested these books from the library because I was given the 3rd book in the series and of course I wanted to read them in order.

I have such a sensitive side to me, I am easily moved and can cry at the drop of the hat. When tragedy strikes people I sympathize putting myself in their shoes. September 11th is a day that everyone is touched by. I had no idea what the twin towers were until that day but since then I am always moved by stories from that day. I have watched videos and listened to many stories online and it always brings me to tears.

I knew this story would probably do the same and of course, it did! It's a great story, very touching and yet Karen Kingsbury is able to also show how much we need to love those around us and not worry so much about the things of this world, time is short.

One Tuesday morning introduces you to two separate families. Eric and Laura Michaels and Jamie and Jake Bryan. Eric is a man climbing the corporate ladder, spending more time at work and less time with his wife and son, who barely knows him anymore. Jake is a fireman working in NY and is a devoted father to his little girl. He loves the Lord and is praying for his wife to come to God as well.

An unexpected crossing between the two changes all their lives forever when the towers fall and everyone is clinging to hope that their loved ones are still alive, including Laura Michael's and Jamie Bryan.

I just love Karen Kingsbury's books. She has a way of writing in a way that gets you hooked to the story and the characters that when your done you have to remind yourself that they are not real people! I recommend this book and many more by Karen!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Left Behind by Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins

I read this book about 8/9 years ago! I have often thought of reading the series again since I don't remember all of the details. I am now going to a Revelations bible study and thought now would be a good time to pick it up again.

Rayford Steele is a flying his plane when Hattie Durham, the stewardess tells him that they have missing people from their flight. Everyone is panicking.

Buck Williams, a journalist, is on this flight as well and is determined to get to find the truth to the disappearances.

When Rayford gets home he knows what he is going to find. He knows his wife believed in the rapture and that she is now in heaven with their son. When he looks in their beds he finds their clothes left behind even his wife's wedding ring.

Rayford turns to his wife's church, well his church as well. He knew the truth and yet he missed it. Now desperate he wants his daughter Chloe, who was left behind with him to turn to God too.

Having read this book before I knew much of the storyline but had forgotten some of the details. It was interesting that I am in the Revelations bible study and then with this story line to compare to was kind of fun. I know that it's not to the -t- accurate but I know that the authors did go off of bible accounts to create the story.

I am not sure I was sucked into the storyline as I would have my first time around but it's still a very good read.