Friday, January 6, 2012

The Promise of an Angel by Ruth Reid

I was given this book by a friend about a month ago to read. I kept putting it off since I had books from the library to read and finally decided that I should start reading it so that I could get it back to her!

I had not heard of the author nor the book before so I wasn't sure how I would like the book but I was actually interested in the story within the first few chapters.

Judith is keeping watch over her brother, Samuel, when he falls from the roof of the barn and becomes paralyzed from the fall. She feels guilt from not protecting him but an angel appeared to Judith to have faith that he would walk again one day. When she speaks of the angel her Amish community shuns her for believing to know God's will.

With dreams of Judith's future in jeopardy, she has to decide to hold to her faith, even when no one believes her. Even the boy she believed she would married has openly made fun of her! The only one who seems to believe her is the bishop's son, Andrew. Yet Andrew is forbidden to be near Judith.

What road will Judith decide to take to protect Andrew and stand up for her faith. Will she go as far as leaving the community?

This is a really good read. The story line is good and actually challenges you when all else is against you to still stand. We face many trials in life and sometimes things around us can make us wonder if we heard God. But He is faithful! I want my daughter to read this book as well!

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