Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Wedding by Nicolas Sparks

I had no idea that there was a sequel to The Notebook. I have not read the book but The Notebook is one of my favorite movies. Yes, I do know it's not a Christian story but don't judge. I love it anyway. It such a beautiful love story. I am intersted to read the book because I know there are differences to the movie.

The Wedding follows one of Noah and Allie's children. Their daughter Jane and her husband Wilson. Wilson realizes that after 29 years of marriage he is afraid his wife no longer loves him. He forgets his anniversary and can see how he hasn't been as present in their marriage as a wife or father that he should have been. The book takes you through a year of him trying to win his wife back. The little ways he tries to win her affection and make her fall in love with him all over again.

When their 30th anniversary is soon arriving their daughter announces that she is getting married interrupting the plans that Wilson has created for a year for their anniversary to be special. The next 2 weeks before their anniversary date are spent preparing for a wedding for their daughter, Jane.

I LOVED this book! It was so sweet. At the end I was crying and totally surprised. It's a great way to remember how it only takes the little things to keep your marriage alive! I totally recommend this book to read!

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