Friday, February 24, 2012

Fools Rush In by Janice Thompson

My cousin recommended this book to me. I had seen it before since I downloaded it onto my daughters kindle fire from amazon. I just had not read it yet.

I am in love with this book! I didn't know what to expect. I have never read Janice Thompson before but will be looking for more books by her. Fools Rush In is the first book in a 3 books series of Weddings by Ella. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series!

I compare this book to the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, if you have ever seen it. The only difference is that Ella is from an Italian family who by chance or as Ella would say she had a"bada bing bada boom moment" where she meets D.J.

Ella took over the family business as wedding coordinator and needs to pull together a themed cowboy wedding. In walked D.J., a tall drink of cowboy! Can Ella pull of a cowboy wedding as Italian and cowboy cultures collide?

This book is a must read, it's hilarious. Janice Thompson's writing is so funny as she twists in comedy and romance. Ella's family is out of this world funny and Ella learns to be open to new directions in life!

Grab a copy of this e-book today, Feb. 24th, on Amazon, it's free!!! (If you are reading this later you will have to check to see if it is still free, as of today it is).


  1. I downloaded this book to my kindle back in September but haven't read it yet. Might have to make it the next one I start. Looks like a very cute book.

  2. Aw, thank you so much! I loved writing Bella's story. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

    1. Mrs. Thompson thank YOU for writing the Bella's story!! :) They are truly beautifully written and encouraged me so much to believe in love and that there are men out there that truly want to serve the Lord, and taught me how to laugh again!! Thank you for allowing God to write through you, I was truly touched by them!

      xoxo, Jen.

  3. I loved all three of the novels, but I have to say that my favorite was It had to be you the third one. Bella's family reminded me so much of my own.