Saturday, February 11, 2012

Safe Haven by Nicolas Sparks

This is my 3rd book by Nicolas Sparks. I am getting used to his style of writing now.

I had read a review by someone on my goodreads book site that said; Reading Nicolas Sparks is like eating at McDonalds. You know the taste. No surprises. If you want quick fix to your hunger, you pass by an outlet. Quality food at reasonable price. What I am saying is that there is nothing wrong with Nicholas Sparks' novels. You want romance, you get romance. You just read to be entertained, you get entertained. You don't want mind-boggling read, you just read and no need to think. You get what you expect.

This was so true! In the last few books I've read his stories seem to take at least 100+ pages to get the story set up. It's not usually until the last 50 pages that things really speed up and the surprise, twist or drama happens before the conclusion. The stories are nice but I think in some ways watching a story play out in a movie makes it more entertaining. Not that his books are bad at all.

Safe Haven is about a woman named Katie who has just recently moved to Southport, North Carolina. Alex is a widow, who is raising his two children in Southport while running the local convenient store. When Katie first moves to Southport she crosses paths with Alex and eventually starts to lower her guard. But she is haunted by her past, a past that is catching up with her. Will Alex be able to fall in love again, can Katie trust her with her past?

This story was really good. The only thing I have to say about Nicolas Spark's books (which are obviously not Christian) is that I don't like reading about the thoughts of the guys that Nicolas Sparks makes "the bad guy". Some of things they think just, to me, could be left out.

The ending of this book kept me reading to find out what happens. I read the book in 2 days because the story line was interesting, even if you have to wait for the transition of the book to take place later. I would recommend this book with the disclaimer that it's not Christian. I have heard that it may become a movie, we'll see.

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