Monday, February 20, 2012

A Wedding Quilt for Ella by Jerry S. Eicher

I read this book for my Lover's of Amish Books book group on Goodreads this month. I have read a few Amish books so far and though they are not my first choice I have read a few good ones.

A Wedding Quilt for Ella is a sad story. Ella is going to be married when she turns 21, as is the Amish tradition when her betrothed, Aden, dies from a ruptured appendix. The rest of the book is how Ella deals with her sudden loss.

Not only is Ella in mourning but the Amish community is hit with many other sudden tragedies throughout the book and the story follows their trust in God.

The story overall as good. I can't say it was a bad book but the storyline is pretty much the same throughout the book. There aren't any suspenseful moments, you just follow Ella through the months after Aden's death and how she heals from it. The sister irritated me with her doom and gloom outlook on things but it is interesting to read the Amish way of things. Many of which would be hard for me to follow!!!

I do recommend the book, it's a good story but if your looking for more excitement this is not for you. I have heard the rest of the series gets more interesting, so I may attempt to read them in time. I have many other books I will end up reading first since this one didn't capture my attention as others have.

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