Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Witness by Dee Henderson

I read the O'Malley series by Dee Henderson last year and thought that this book looked really good.

The book starts out with a robbery gone back and a witness, Amy Griffin, who saw it all. Yet, when Detective Luke Granger goes to get her statement she has disappeared. He finds her in her home packing to run and realizes that she is on the run from more than just the robber. He vows to keep her true identity a secret when she tells him about why she is running.

Three years later Luke Granger is brought in to help one of homicide detectives, Marsh, with new news that his girlfriend and her sister are about to inherit money from a well known father that they never knew. When the news comes out on air, reporters come out to cover the story.

Luke is pulled into a deeper situation than he could have ever expected to protect theses sisters from what is about to come and it comes at a high price. Will anyone come out alive?

I didn't want to spoil the story. The first few chapters get you hooked on "the witness". Then the next 50% of the book lets the story unfold. I didn't feel it was too slow but just when I was hoping for a good grab you are shocked at the turn of events and the story gets you to read faster to find out what happens.

I saw that this book was the beginning of another series, so I will be looking forward to book 2. I almost wish it ended in suspense to get you to the next book but it wraps up the book even though you are still digesting the turn of events. (This is how Dee Henderson wrote the O'Malley series. Each book wrapped up it's own story line). I want to see how the rest continues. There were many of her catch phrases that I noticed again that Dee Henderson uses but I do like her stories.

I highly recommend. It's a good mystery with light romance.

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