Saturday, August 27, 2011

Any Minute

by: Joyce Meyer and Deborah Bedford

I read this book so that I could join in on a group discussion on line, I had no idea that Joyce Meyer had a book, well a fiction book.

Sarah had worked her way up the corporate ladder. She was counted on, expected to work harder and longer. On her way up the ladder she had left her family behind. She was too busy to remember appointments or keep her promises to her family.

When one day a split decision made her take a risky move in her car and everything changed. She hit the water so fast and everyone realized, including Sarah that things can change Any Minute.

This book does make you think, what do we work for in life? Sarah was not a kind person as she worked those around her just as hard, never appreciating them. She didn't take time for her family, working even at home after a long day at work.

It helps you to remember to slow down. That family is most important. This story isn't a high energy story. It's a good read for anyone and has a good moral. I do recommend this book, especially to moms. Doesn't even have to be a mom that works out of the mom. As a mom that works in the home you can feel the same way sometimes. Life passes by and your just trying to make it, forgetting that each moment you are raising the next generation.

This book made me think. In the end I like how the story ends...not with some dramatic transformation but with suttle ways we can do better...

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