Thursday, August 11, 2011

Presumption of Guilt

By: Terri Blackstock

Once again this story follows Detectives; Larry and Tony. In Presumption of Guilt Beth Wright is writing a story on the St. Clair Children's Home. She is a reporter who has been interviewing those that know what has happened inside the home. Nick Hutchin's, social worker has had questions about the children's home but started to dig deeper when Beth goes to him for help.

Bill Brandon runs the St. Clair Children's Home. He can't let the story Beth is writing to be printed. He will go to any lengths to make sure and people are starting to die.

Presumption of Guilt doesn't have as much mystery as some of Terri Blackstock's books. Which was how her last two books in this series seemed. In her other series she has the same people involved and you see how things progress with them in each book. In this series you do have the same people in the first book involved but not so much as in say her Cape Refuge or Newpointe 911 series.

Presumption of Guilt is the last book in the Sun Coast Chronicles. I would have to say I have liked other series better just for their mystery but wouldn't write this series off, I still really liked book two, Justifiable Means, the best out of the four.

I still really like Terri Blackstocks books and will move onto another series. I can't wait!

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