Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last Light

by Terri Blackstock

One day everything electronic stopped running. Whether old or new, ran or batteries or gas. It just quit running. Planes fell from the sky, cars came to a stop on all streets, there were no t.v., game systems or computers. No way of communications, no banks open to get money, no stores to buy goods.

The Branning family were only one of the family in their community to be in the middle of what they would soon learn was a global crisis. They have to learn to survive when after a few days they realize that this crisis just might never end. Learning to cook over a fire, sterilize water from the lake and trade supplies for food.

In the midst of the Brannings trying to cope with the crisis, there is a murderer killing families in their neighborhood and stealing supplies from the homes. Who could they trust in a time when they needed each other to survive?

This story is very creative. It makes you think about what is really important in life. In this story Dani Branning, daughter of Doug and Kay, has worked through college to get her dream job only to realize that the job may no longer be a part of her future. We work so hard to gain things in this life and when our life is over we will leave it all behind. This book makes you ask yourself, what is important in your life.

This is the first book in the Restoration series of four books. The book started out catching your attention with such a different story line. As you go through it builds until the end when you want to read to find out what happens. I liked the book and recommend it, especially since I like Terri Blackstock's writing.


  1. Terri is one of my favorite authors! You just about can't go wrong choosing one of her books to read :)

  2. I cannot quit commenting on here. maybe to much corner coffee. I read this one.